Prep School Day boys at Lockers Park benefit hugely from our boarding ethos and can join boarders for breakfast and stay for supper, while our flexible collection time allows many to stay on for activities after lessons, as well as to complete homework at school.  All this is included in the termly fees.

Delivery and pick up times for day boys are very flexible.

In the morning Prep School day boys may arrive any time from 7.30 am up until 8.25 am. In the evenings, Years 3 and 4 go home at 4.10 pm or as late as 7.00 pm, having done their prep, eaten supper and joined in with boarders’ activities. The choice is yours, and you may pick up at different times on different days. In the middle and senior school (ages 10-13) there is similar flexibility (5.20 pm – 7.00 pm). Boys are most welcome to finish all their prep/homework under supervised conditions at school. Availability of beds permitting, we can also accommodate your son overnight by special arrangement.

For details of the Pre-Preparatory School Day, please follow this link – Pre-Prep Curriculum.

Lockers Park has its own Cub and Scout packs and many boys choose to board on the evening that they attend the clubs.