Reception, Years 1 – 2

The school day is similar to that of older years but the children go home between 3.45 pm and 4.30 pm, unless they are staying for our after school club, which runs until 6.00pm. Children in these years have break and lunch earlier than the Prep School boys, but have the same opportunities to take advantage of the school facilities. The children do not have homework or prep to take home and Saturday morning school is an optional activity morning.

Years 3 – 8

The day starts with Chapel or Assembly at 8.20 am each morning. Three lessons are followed by a 40 minute break; years 3, 4 and 5 then have two more lessons and lunch whilst the remainder of the school have a sixth lesson, then lunch

In the afternoon the youngest boys have an hour of activities and sport. Activities include pottery, technology, model railway, music and drama. In addition to the main sport of the term (football, rugby, cricket) there is also the opportunity to play squash, badminton, hockey and golf as well as extra-curricular activities chosen by parents such as Ju-Jitsu. Apart from on Wednesdays, there are afternoon lessons. These are over by 4.10 pm. Prep is at 4.30 pm and may be completed at home. Each evening, there is a special boarders’ timetable.

Higher up the school (year 6 and above) the programme is slightly different with afternoon lessons followed by sport or activities. Prep is at 5.30 pm. Day boys are most welcome to stay for prep and supper (6.00 pm) at no extra charge and may be picked up as late as 7.00 pm. After supper the senior boarders have some welcome free time in which they can use all the facilities: table tennis, snooker, computer room etc.

Saturday Morning School

Saturday morning school starts at 8.20 am and finishes at 12.30 pm, although there will often by fixtures against other schools on Saturday afternoons.