The Gathering of the Goblins

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The Gathering of the Goblins 2015, Goodwood Motor Circuit Chichester.

(A Goblin is an electric powered kart).

Each year a group of year 6 students race the Goblin electric racing car around the historic Goodwood circuit. We start rebuilding and fixing the car during evening sessions on a Wednesday night during the Summer Term. We gain experience of the various races we will take part in – drag, slalom, chicane and sprint. One team member is chosen to complete the whole circuit for a timed lap at the end of the day. It is always a memorable day and a great family day out .

This year’s team comprised: Mackenzie, James, Faris, Thomas and Danny.

It was a rainy start to the day and we completed all the event stages before lunch in the rain, which was an interesting experience for the boys – skidding to a stop after completing a fast run! A note for the future, our car will need a new roll bar as the year 6 boys seem to be getting bigger and bigger!!
Our scrutineer also suggested some more washers to the front wheels to make the car go faster.

We all had a great day out and many parents came to watch. Danny was chosen to do the final lap and after a false start overtook many Goblins on his way round.