FoLP Ball Bushcraft Meal

At the Summer Ball various members of Staff volunteer their services for a range of activities. Mr Gilden offered to do a Bushcraft meal for 4 boys (but ended up with 6!). Rather craftily he had an expert on hand to come and help. David, his son, has been with the Scouts for 23 years and is currently an Explorer Leader. He has been on several Bushcraft courses and in September will be testing kit for Cotswolds Outdoor in Sweden. He proved to be a bit of an expert at fire lighting, showing the boys how to use char cloth, Cramp Ball (a type of fungus), twine, fire sticks and a magnifying glass to make a fire. He also showed the boys how to use knives correctly, using the back of the knife to scrape off the bark of a stick destined to cook the sausages. Once the fires were going, a chicken casserole, calezone, sausages and s’mores were cooked and then consumed with relish by the boys.