Cub Cooking

Our Cubs are quite an adventurous lot – they need to be because we expect them to do some quite challenging things. Tonight over 30 of them cooked their own supper – a delicious and nutritious stir fry, served in a wrap.

Last week we covered food hygiene, so they all realised how important that was. Today we started with food preparation – a demonstration of how to prepare a range of vegetables & also tofu, which was a new experience for some. After everyone had washed their hands the fun started. How much chilli did they want? Two or shall we have three cloves of garlic? Shall we cook the onions first or everything together? Shall we cook as a Six or individually? Two small cuts, two tiny burns later, the food was ready to eat. The vast majority enjoyed the meal – one or two weren’t too sure. Not a bad percentage.

Can we do it again next week was the plea as they set off to bed.