Year 4 Chapel Service

Each year group in the school does at least one Chapel Service over the course of the year. Yesterday it was the turn of Year 4. On the theme of Advent, with Christingles. Dima led the service beautifully (the boys, not the adults do all of the leading, readings and prayers.) We also had a visiting preacher, the Reverend Chris Briggs, senior Chaplain at Haileybury. I doubt many in the congregation will forget his talk or demonstration! He brought along some butterscotch Angel Delight and then invited a boy to have some – the only problem was that his spoon was 1.5m long and he couldn’t get it into his mouth. Luckily when another boy was given another spoon they worked out to be rewarded, they had to give to others. Hopefully a lesson they will remember for a long time!