The Chemistry Around Us!

Our Year 5s went to Bedford School to see Mr Stuart Knight, Head of Chemistry, demonstrate how a range of common chemicals behave when you do various things to them. There were, of course, lots of bangs as various gasses were lit. Coke went spurting into the air when some Mentos were put into the full bottle. One of the gasses we breathe in, nitrogen, showed it’s use for keeping crisps crisp and for freezing things quickly. The ice cream made using liquid nitrogen was ready in literally 5 minutes. Two of our boys went up to try things out: Harry was very nonchalant as the methane gas on his hands was set on fire and Jed won his competition by producing the most carbon dioxide, blowing his expelled air through lime water. All in all a very informative and enjoyable lecture. Many thanks to Mr Knight and his team at Bedford School for inviting us along.