Tring Museum

15 minutes from Lockers is Tring Museum, part of the Natural History Museum. I think it is a fantastic place, but it certainly isn’t everyone’s cup of tea as it is full of stuffed animals: birds, apes, whales, spiders, dogs (yes – a whole selection of different breeds!), fish etc All of the specimens were collected by Walter Rothschild as he was very interested in wildlife. Of course today, he would be frowned on & in fact, it would be illegal to import most of the specimens.

Our boarders went along to have a look at the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition which is on display there until the end of February. There were some fantastic photos, but I have to say I was slightly disappointed the images were so small and mainly displayed electronically. While we were there we took the opportunity to look at all the exhibits – Theo did find his duckbilled platypus¬† (he’s obsessed with them!) and Tunmise managed to get himself photographed next to a dodo, so he achieved Matron’s challenge.