The Chapel Concert

Music is very important at Lockers and almost every pupil plays at least one instrument with many playing several. We also think it is very important for the pupils to perform in front of an audience. Tonight was our most serious concert of the whole year – The Chapel Concert. Our choirs performed as did a number of the ensembles that regularly rehearse together. Add to that some individual musicians and you make for a really top class evening. I doubt that many who were present will forget the choir singing Cold play’s Viva la Vida – it sent shivers down your back!

Of course not all of our pupils play or sing to this standard, but at Lockers we cater for them as well. Next Friday we have an Informal Concert for Years 5 & 6. Every pupil who plays an instrument, no matter how few lessons they have had, will be on stage performing a piece. If you start them early you achieve great things in the end!

Well done Mr Shaw and all of those boys who performed in tonight’s concert – I thought it was fantastic!