Set Debate

Debating is something that happens on a regular basis at Lockers and this term it is the Set Debate term. Each Set (House) has to nominate two speakers – one from the As (Years 7&8) and one from the Bs (Years 5&6). They prepare their arguments and then in true debating style compete against another Set. A straw poll of hands is taken after each debate, but the real decision making is taken by an esteemed panel of judges, to decide the winning Set. Topics covered are very topical and sometimes controversial. This year one of the hotly debate issues was whether we should stay in the EU or opt out. There is also a prize for the best floor speaker – well done Jed. The winning team this year were George and Kieran who were representing Beatty. It was nice to see Old Boy, Oba, a previous winner, hand out the prizes to the winners.

Tonight there will be competition of a different style – the mayhem of Lockers Got Talent! If you want a fun night out this is the one event you need to go to. I’m not sure what is on the programme but I can guarantee that it won’t be your normal run of the mill items. I wonder if our ballet dancers will return – Swan Lake last year was very memorable. The first ever winner of Lockers Got Talent won by doing impressions of sheep – it is that sort of contest! The performance starts at 18.00 promptly.