Colts Cricket v Heathmount

The cricket season is on us, so what does it do? Snow in the middle of the matches! In our home games two pairs of very evenly matched sides competed against each other in mainly sunny, though cold, conditions. Each batting side set a target in the mid 80s – something definitely to chase, but first there was the serious business of the match tea. For the players it is hot dogs and Kit Kats – always very popular. For the parents, a more traditional match tea with sandwiches, scones and cakes. The Lockers match teas are very popular on the circuit. Back to the match, there was a 10 minute interruption as the teams and spectators ran for shelter as a blizzard descended. Bravely play then continued, but I think our teams were affected by the cold – the A team lost by 14 runs and the B team by 7 wickets.