Ismaili Centre, Kensington & The Natural History Museum


This was my first visit to the Ismaili Centre in Kensington – I didn’t know it existed, even though it is just across the road from The Natural History Museum. That is quite intentional. When the building was built in 1985 the intention was that it was to blend into the surroundings & it does – beautifully. Our Year 4s & 7s were visiting as part of our Religious Studies curriculum. At Lockers we think it vey important to expose our children to a variety of faiths and this visit to a Moslem place of worship was part of that. The building was beautiful, peaceful and very tranquil, full of hidden messages. A fountain in the entrance lobby symbolises the importance of water and light. Geometric patterns lead you from one level to the next – a social space, a prayer hall and on top of the building a tranquil garden. Our boys were impressive with their level of knowledge and I think really appreciated the opportunity to learn about another faith in that faith’s setting.

After leaving the Ismaili Centre we popped across the road to The Natural History Museum for lunch and two sessions. The Year 4s went into the Clore Discovery Centre, where they learnt how to be better scientists, recording, drawing and measuring samples. The Year 7s did something similar in one of the school lecture rooms. After this both groups met up to visit the dinosaurs.


Many thanks to Mrs Hill for organising the trip and to everyone at the Ismaili Centre & Natural History Museum for making us all so welcome.