Cub Shelter Building

It’s funny how different teams interpret the same task. “You need to build a shelter for 2 people to protect them from the rain.” Six Sixes and six totally different approaches. Half of the Sixes produced a pretty decent shelter that with a little more work would have done the job. Two Sixes produced a reasonable attempt in the time limit but one Six decided to forgo the shelter and came up with a man trap designed to maim the occupants with the slightest puff of wind. Back to the drawing board Nihal!

I was particularly impressed tonight with Owl Six and their Sixer, Hayden. Not only did the Six win the prize of chocolate bars, but Hayden really demonstrated how to be a good Sixer. The prize was a bar of chocolate for each boy in the Six, but silly Akela had two different size bars of chocolate with one being much smaller than the other. Hayden had to distribute the bars as he saw fit – the Sixer and Seconder got the smallest bars & left me feeling very proud of his decision making. Well done Hayden!