Informal Concert & Chapel Service

Each term at Lockers we have an Informal concert – today it was the turn of the Pre prep, and Years 3 & 4 to have their turn. It never ceases to amaze me how brave the children are – Dima, after two fifteen minute lessons, was performing in front of an audience with his guitar. Others overcame their fears and also performed, many for the first time. For me there were two highlights. The first was Sam, who usually plays the violin. Unfortunately he has broken his collar bone, so the violin was out. Instead he sang and played the maracas. The other highlight was Stella holding hands with Kavin, our youngest Reception child. They sang a duet.

After the Concert it was time for the Pre Prep and Year 3 to have their Chapel Service. For many this was their first Service and unlike many schools it is the pupils who deliver it. The theme was based on recycling and looking after our World. Every pupil said something and I loved the song that they had chosen. This is a great way to introduce public speaking to our pupils and I really enjoy watching their confidence grow over time. In fact, one boy who shall remain nameless, said his words so clearly and eloquently I could hear each syllable in the organ loft. The last time we tried to get him on stage he had a melt down. It is by small steps like this service that Lockers pupils leave the School as confident young adults ready for their next stage of education.

Very well done to all the participants and to all the Staff who prepared them so well.