Cub Cooking

We’ve been incredibly lucky this term with the weather – apart from today, when it has poured. Not so good when the planned activity was for the Cubs was to cook their own supper on a fire they had built! A quick change of plan, but not menu, saw the Cubs cooking hot dogs inside.

To start the evening we had a revision session on food hygiene – they had remembered quite a bit. After they had all washed their hands the fun began.

First they fried some onions. Then, very carefully, the fried the onions were removed from the pan and put to one side. The sausages were then placed in the same pan and fried for a while. As part of the food hygiene talk we were reminded by the kitchen staff that we had to heat the sausages to 75+ degrees Celsius. Each Six tested their sausages with a food probe to ensure they were adequately cooked. If they were, they the tucked in.

We had planned to finish the evening with toasted marshmallows, but with a Parents’ Reception happening we decided it wasn’t worth the risk of setting off the smoke alarm – the marshmallows were eaten uncooked.

No burns. Some overfed Cubs. Some very happy boys!