Eco committee visit The Paper Trail

Very few people realise that Hemel Hempstead is the most important town in the world – historically. It was the first place where paper was made in a factory by machines. Up until then paper was hand made and very expensive. With machine made paper it became possible to publish books and papers cheaply, making them affordable to everyone. Paper mills were to be found all down the banks of the River Bulbourne and Hemel Hempstead became the centre of paper production not only in the UK, but also in the world.

Today it is a different story, but we do have Frogmore Mill and the Apsley Paper Trail. Our Eco Committee were taken there by Mr Iqbal as a reward for all their hard work over the year. They had a fascinating talk and tour, but their favourite bit was making their own paper by hand. I wonder if it was because the paper was made up out of shredded £20 notes!