Poetry Competition

The Poetry Competition is one of the highlights of the term, a culmination of poems that have been performed over several weeks by ALL the pupils in the school. Tonight 27 boys took to the stage to recite poems to Mr James Hughes, Head of English, St Albans School. The standard was very high and the range of poems was extensive. Very well done to Kayden who won the Cs’ competition, to Patrick who won the Bs’ & to Krish (it must have been that haircut!) who won the As’ competition. The overall winner was Patrick. Winning is only part of the evening, because going up on the stage is very daunting. There were several boys on the stage who were real winners, overcoming their own fears and doubts and performing magnificently. Very many thanks to Mr Hughes for adjudicating and to all those English teachers who worked so hard to prepare the boys. Special thanks to Mrs Sims & Mr Erskin-Naylor for organising the evening.