Any Questions?

A distinguished panel of Year 8s took part in this afternoon’s Any Questions? debate. The questions were different to previous years, largely due to the political situation this year and ranged from: Do you believe Brexit is good for the country? Do you think Donald Trump will make a good President? to: Should children be paid for jobs they do at home? Would you rather be a victim of crime or a criminal?
As you might imagine the debate was heated and polarised with opinions amongst the panel and from the floor sharply divided. Over the course of the afternoon 35 boys made a floor contribution. Congratulations to Louis who made the most impressive comment. Also congratulations to all the panellists and especially: Angus (3rd), Kieran (2nd) and Huw (1st) as judged by Mr Erskin-Naylor. Many thanks to Mr Phillips for organising the event.