Art from the Heart – a Great Ormond Street Appeal

Towards the end of last term one of our pupils, Rupert, went into Great Ormond Street Hospital for a bone marrow transplant. Rupert is recovering well, but won’t be back in school until next term. He spent a long time in Great Ormond Street and was treated very well. As a school we thought we would try and raise some funds for GOSH. We are taking part in a project called “Art from the Heart”, where each pupil will make at least one piece of art that they will then give to their parents for a donation to GOSH. The Hospital has a special machine they need, a cell processor, which is used to prepare samples of bone marrow – it costs £58,000 and we hope to go some way to funding it. We are also trying to raise awareness about bone marrow donors and hopefully encourage people to join the register.