Year 1 & 2 exploring their senses

Using our senses properly makes us more aware of the world around us. Far too often we charge through life not really being aware of what is happening around us. Today our Year 1 & 2 went into the grounds to really use four of their senses (we thought we’d give taste a miss). Working in groups, they wrote down all the things they could about their one allocated sense – they ended up with loads of words. My favourite observation was from Marcel who saw “tree legs”. What on earth are “tree legs” you might ask? Well actually it is a good description of the roots of trees, especially those running across the top of the soil. We smelt several things, though I’d like to have better descriptions than “dog poo” and “mint”. The boys embracing the trees were actually seeing if the bark was rough or smooth. Those using their sense of hearing heard birds and the rustling of leaves. As we are surrounded by town they also heard sirens, planes and trains. Hopefully our pupils will be more aware of their senses as they go into our grounds.