Berkhamsted Castle

Mr Moubray really likes to bring History alive to his pupils. When they are learning about the Normans, he takes them to Berkhamsted Castle, just 10 minutes away from Lockers. William the Conqueror received the submission of the English at Berkhamsted Castle after the Battle of Hastings. His half-brother, Robert of Mortain, built a timber castle there in about 1070. It was in the classic Norman motte-and-bailey form, with a defensive conical mound and oval bailey below. Today some of our Yr 5s stormed the castle – they found it hard work and they weren’t in chain mail or carrying swords or shields. I think they began to realise how hard it would be to attack the castle!
The other thing they realised is how large the castle actually is – from the inside it appears much bigger than you might think from driving around it. Many thanks to Mr Moubray for making History come alive!