IAPS National Chess Championships – and finally…

Day 3, back at Lockers, from Mr Phillips who took the trip

Eighteen years ago, give or take, I came to Lockers brimming with ambition to create a world beating chess team. I identified one good player and others seemed quite keen. Then sports, school play, being ‘cool’ and other distractions came in and after a few years I gave up the unequal struggle. Unexpectedly out of the blue about two years ago, two cheeky Year 5s called Karan and Conrad approached me asking what I would give them if they beat me – ‘My car, as it will never happen’ – was the poorly chosen reply and the rest is history.

So now, all these years later, my initial ambitions have been fulfilled in creating a team that other schools fear to play and one that brings renown and respect to Lockers Park. Here is what we achieved in three short days:

1. Boarders’ Table Tennis champion: Dhruv Awasthi
2. Best behaved and tidiest dorm: Lockers Park.  The boys did acknowledge that they couldn’t have done it without Dhruv’s attention to detail

3. Under 11, 2nd place: Dhruv Awasthi
4. Under 12/13, 2nd place: Charles Hardy
5.  Under 11 winner: Patrick Wilmot-Smith
6.  Under 10 winner: Alex Leith
7.  3rd= overall of entire competition: Alex Leith

Championship: (comprising national and county players)
8.  5th= out of 40: Karan Bhagat and Conrad Dickinson
9.  2nd overall out of 19 schools, in only our second year taking part:
Lockers Park (Karan Bhagat, Conrad Dickinson, Kylan Biagini, Ben Ball)

I am lost for words, swelling with pride, admiration and unadulterated joy. You can stick your five star hotels in Mauritius, I wouldn’t have missed the last three days for anything in the world. Tracey (Matron at Aldro School) actually referred to the boys as ‘the perfect pupils’ and she wasn’t wrong, they were a total delight from start to end.