A cracking time at Kimbolton School

With technology the margin of error can be very small – not enough energy can end in disaster. This is what one of our two teams taking part in the Kimbolton Technology Challenge discovered yesterday. The task was to design and make a self powered car (elastic bands) that had to safely carry an egg up a ramp, over a gap, down a ramp and travel the greatest distance it could. As so many have discovered before, looks are one thing, but does it do the job? Our first team reached the ramp with great anticipation. The car got to the top of the ramp but didn’t have enough momentum to get across the gap, resulting in a scrambled egg. Our second team, with some trepidation, had their go. Their car zoomed up the ramp, jumped the gap and travelled a good way along the table before steering issues led it to fall – more scrambled egg! Well done to all the boys who took part – the Lockers teams came second and fourth in the challenge. Many thanks to Mr M Phillips and to Mrs Hill for taking the boys and to all the staff at Kimbolton School for making it such an enjoyable day.