Chess Simultaneous Display v Steve Law

Twenty boys took part and it was fully an hour before the first players started to drop off – a far cry from the five minutes we had in years gone by before chess became such an item at Lockers. For the first time ever, a boy actually managed to have Mr Law’s queen off the board, a stunning achievement, and well done to Kylan. After a flurry of defeats, the last survivors were Patrick, Harry B, Kylan, Logan, Alex L, Tuhin, Nick W-S and Ben B. Bearing in mind that you may have spotted two boys in the Cs on this list, it was incredible. Ben’s perseverance led to a Mr Law blunder and secured an astonishing draw. The final two were Patrick and Harry, the former holding a steady drawing position all the way through before becoming unstuck right at the end, leaving Harry ‘last man standing.’ Congrats to Kylan for winning the prize of ‘best game’ and he can look forward to receiving silverware at the end of term!