Describing our school

Some of our Year 7s have been working on the setting for stories. We’ve been trying to make them use all of their senses and really think about what they are writing, giving lots of detail.

Driving through the front gate you are surrounded by a tunnel of trees. You see little snatches of the school. It has lots of chimneys poking out at the top. When you go around the bend, the blue door glows out in your eyes. You’ll see the big black clock in the tower, which has gold stripes on it’s roof. If you concentrate you will see lots of white windows. You can also see a second building behind the main building. And what looks like a chapel in the distance. By Joshua A7

There’s a long drive embedded with pebbles and an overwhelming feeling of spacious green. Flanked on all sides are trees – oak, copper beech, sweet chestnut and horse chestnut and they are filled with the chirping of birds. The sports fields seem very well cared for. Moving down the drive in a tunnel of trees I catch little snapshots of the school. The school is built with old, weathered brown bricks and the building has lots of windows. In the distance, the Chapel looks old and has red tiles on the roof. By Tunmise, A7