Informal Concert & Chapel Service

Music and The Chapel are two very important things in life at Lockers. Today they really came together. We started with an Informal Concert for pupils from Reception – Year 4. This is where anyone who has music lessons has an opportunity to perform in front of an audience. Some pupils just played the notes they have learnt to play, others played to a very good standard. Special mention must go to Owain, playing the flute with a broken hand and to Rupert who learnt his piece 10 minutes before playing it! Several boys also played pieces even though they don’t have music lessons.

After the Concert we moved on to the Chapel Service which was based on Friendship. The Service was started by our Reception children who put on a small play. Every pupil in Reception – Year 3 had a speaking part and by there end of the Service there was a real feeling of pride and enjoyment.

Now it is time for all the participants to head off for half term & have a very relaxing holiday.