UK Maths Challenge

The UK Maths Challenge takes place very year, aimed at children in Year 8. This year we got our Year 7s’ and the better Year 6s’ to have a go as well. Around 250,000 children take part and the top ones get either a Bronze, Silver or Gold certificate. We were very proud that 21 of our boys were awarded certificates and delighted that 8 of these were Gold. These are only awarded to the top 6% of entrants. Tom, who was top in Year 8, probably is in the top 2% in the country. Very well done everyone who got a certificate.

Certificates galore came when Mr Shaw announced the winners of Music certificates – 75 in total being awarded. A special mention must go to Toby who got his Grade 6 on the cello and to Ollie for getting his Grade 6 for singing. Unbelievably these were not the top performers in the school – that accolade goes to Mackenzie for getting his Grade 7 on the piano.

They do say that if you are good at maths you are likely to be a good musician – I think both these results bode very well for both subjects.