Woodland Jewellery

Most of us, when we see a tree, see just that – a tree. For some though, every tree has some hidden talents. Oak can be turned into furniture, silver birch is great for starting fires, yew makes great bows and ash will provide the arrows for those bows. Rather a special tree, often overlooked, is elder – the doctor tree. It’s flowers make great wine and cordial, the berries can be eaten, or again make a tasty wine. Identifying trees is very important and that is what the Year 1 & 2s did today. Once they found some elder they carefully cut off some small branches. Taking great care, they sawed these branches into little chunks – 1 to 2cms long. Elder has a pith running through it’s core and if you remove it the piece of wood becomes hollow – ideal for making necklaces. These can either be left natural (with the bark on) or the bark can be removed for a smoother finish.