Summer Concert

For many, the Summer Concert is their favourite event at Lockers. It starts at 6.15 in the Centenary Hall with our more elite musicians – The String Orchestra, The Guitar Group, The Choir, plus some individual soloists. This is where the more serious music is played or sung, but then comes the fun bit. The Concert moves outside to The Private Garden and every child in the school has a part. Pre-Prep start proceedings and they are followed in chronological order by each year group, but there are a number of other groups/individuals who also perform. Going from strength to strength are the Saxophone Ensemble and the Brass Ensemble – both groups played some fantastic music. Particularly impressive was the Year 5 contribution, where a range of instruments were played. The evening finished with everyone joining in singing “Bridge Over Troubled Water”. Very many thanks to Mr Shaw and all of the music staff for producing a brilliant range of music and for finishing on time!