Chapel Visitor

Lockers Park has a wonderful Chapel that is used every day, apart from Tuesdays when we have a whole school assembly. Each term we have visiting speakers from a wide variety of different faiths. Today we were incredibly fortunate to have Mr Amolak Hunjan visit us to talk about Sikhism. He gave a fascinating and informative talk. Sikhism is a relatively young religion with the first Guru being born in 1469. Today it is the fifth largest religion in the world with 20 million worshipers – 350,00 being in the UK. If the boys were listening carefully they would have learnt that the Sikh Guru’s were all human beings – not Gods. They would have found out that the faith doesn’t believe in miracles, that it respects all beliefs, that Sikhs should treat everyone equally and that they should be generous to the less fortunate. Sikh temples are called Gudwaras and each has four doors – they are open to all. After a service a meal is served to the congregation. Very many thanks to Mr Hunjan for sharing his knowledge so eloquently with us.