An assembly to Inspire

B6H were on the stage this morning delivering their assembly about people who inspire them. You could have heard a pin drop as we watched a video clip about “Team Hoyt”. Rick Hoyt was born having suffered a lack of oxygen during his birth. He has cerebral palsy and his parents were told to put him into an institution. They didn’t. Instead they gave him as normal life as they could until one day Rick asked his dad (unfit & with heart problems) to run a 5 mile race. He did – with Rick in a wheelchair next to him. The pair became Team Hoyt and have done a series of marathons and triathlons – in fact some of the toughest races you can do – a real inspiration. I doubt if there was a dry eye in the hall! The boys then spoke about people who inspire them. Apart from the usual sporting heroes, Oluwayeni was inspired by Nelson Mandela, Joel by Scott of the Antartic, Uzayr by Ghandi and Sachin by Professor Brian Cox. There were also some unusual sporting choices – Finn went for Eddie the Eagle and Edward for the Brownlee brothers and their support for each other. Jamie’s hero was Andy Murray – not for winning Wimbledon but for his perseverance in overcoming a knee problem that would normally have ended his career before it started. If you get the chance do have a look at this Team Hoyt video: “I can only Imagine”