An Inspector Calls

By a sheer coincidence(!) the ISI Inspectors actually did call this term and rather like the Lockers Park portrayed in the Junior Play, “An Inspector Calls”, we are waiting with bated breathe for our Inspection Report. Of course the real Lockers is nothing like the school portrayed in the play but it was great fun acting out an inspection where everything that could have gone wrong did go wrong. Every boy in the Junior Department took part in the play if they were in school and most had lines to say. The reaction of the audience really said it all – they laughed in the right places and thoroughly enjoyed the evening with some fantastic feedback at the end. Even more importantly the boys also enjoyed themselves and really made their parents proud. No school play goes without a lot of hard work and huge number of people work together to ensure it all comes together on the night. The scenery and costumes are organised by the parents – they did a fantastic job – a special mention must go to Mrs Awasthi who designed the set which was stunning, and to Jan Maddern who once again organised the costumes. There are too many Staff involved to mention, but again a special mention must go to Mrs Edmunds, our drama teacher. Once again she managed to pull it off – very difficult when you are teaching 50+ pupils in 5 different lessons over 3 different Year Groups. If you want a treat do come along on Saturday evening for the final performance of “An Inspector Calls”. Curtains open at 7.00pm.