Science in Action : Marble Runs

One of the things you really have to be if you are a teacher is to be flexible. Today, due to the snow our year groups have been combined. Our Year 6 cohort were due to do Science, but half of them had already done the topic being covered. Instead they were given a challenge. Working in pairs they had to design and make a marble run. They were given a sheet of Coroflute, an A4 bit of card, some sellotape and some glue. The challenge was to make a marble run that took the longest time. I have no doubt that they were thinking of friction, gravity and angles as they set to work (in my dreams!). It was really interesting watching them tackle the task. Usually one of the pair was the leader – they didn’t always lead in the right direction though. One or two decided the task was too hard for them and left everything to their partner. The best pairs worked together and discussed what they were doing before they started cutting. At the testing stage several pairs discovered their designs had flaws – the marble got stuck. Well done Essen and Harrison – two successful runs and the clear winners.