The Dark Tower

In January of each year, when the nights are long and dark, with hardly any moon showing The Dark Tower takes place. The Dark Tower is one of the favourite games the boys play and is a wide game involving two teams. Army v Navy. You might think these to be two odd teams, but our Sets (Houses) are named after 3 First World War Generals and & Admirals. The aim of the game is to win treasure for your team – BUT you have to avoid the Night Riders and a coven of cackling witches. Woe betide you if you are caught! This year the Army were the victors. Coming into school first thing on Saturday morning to a full boarding house there were still smiles on faces with boys telling each other the tale of how they escaped a Night Rider or managed to grab some treasure. Many thanks to all our Night Riders and Witches (Staff) who gave up their Friday evening to put on such a great activity. Special thanks to Mr Phillips for organising the event and to Mr Erskine-Naylor for all his administration.