Cubs – Rock Painting for Hemel Rocks

7th Hemel Hempstead (Lockers Park) Cubs spent a wonderful evening at Bunnings painting stones for the ‘Hemel Rocks’ project.

Rock painting is a craze that has swept across the UK from America, and our Cubs were very keen to join in the fun. The idea is to paint a rock and hide it, then someone will come along and find it… then decide whether to keep it or re-hide it for another person to find. It is intended to make people smile, and of course the beauty of it is that stones are a natural product and over time the paint will dissipate, leaving the rocks to go back to their natural state.

Bunnings store in Apsley welcomed the youngsters along to paint rocks, providing all the materials needed for their artwork. Between the 24 Cubs and Leaders the group painted 64 rocks that will be hidden by a very excited bunch of Cubs next Thursday evening after they have been varnished!