Boxmoor Trust Swift Project

Just over a year ago David Kirk of the Boxmoor Trust posted a plea on Facebook for reports of swifts in Boxmoor.

At Lockers Park we are lucky enough to have a colony of swifts that nest here each year.  We are looking forward to their return from Africa in the next day or two (they arrived on Monday 7th May). One thing led to another and we agreed to work in partnership with the Boxmoor Trust. Over the last week or so our Design and Technology Department’s Mr Phillips has been cutting up ten sheets of plywood into swift nest box kits. 40 of these boxes have been delivered to The Boxmoor Trust who are having a nest box building day next Saturday, 12th May. We will be assembling a further 10 boxes at school in the next couple of weeks. Swifts are one of our iconic bird species and have sadly suffered a loss of nesting sites as people have upgraded their homes. By putting up boxes swift numbers really go up – just have a look at The Bristol Swift Project to see what can be achieved.