7th Hemel Cubs Rock!

7th Hemel Hempstead Cubs continued with their ‘Hemel Rocks’ adventures this week, by searching around Boxmoor for decorated rocks that people had hidden, and in turn, hiding the rocks that they painted at Bunnings last week.

They were lucky to find a few beautifully decorated rocks and hid a few around the local streets (including on Mr Gilden’s doorstep – did you find it Mr Gilden?), before they headed off to hide some around the school grounds at The Collett School for Special Educational Needs. They were given special permission to unlock the gate and access the school’s rear playground in order to hide some rocks for the pupils to find in the morning. We hope the pupils will love the idea and perhaps paint some and ‘hide’ them at Lockers Park soon!

19 very excited Cubs managed to do all this and walk 1.6 miles in 70 minutes… well done Cubs!