River Study

Our Year 5s’ spent the morning with The Boxmoor Trust on the River Bulbourne. They did some surveying to find out what the water quality was. It turns out that the river is a really high quality one, with a good PH level, low nitrates and is very clear. This was backed up when the boys went river dipping – they found a wide range of creatures, some of which only live in high quality water. They even managed to catch some fish – the first time we have managed this. After lunch they mapped the profile of the river. If it was a natural river the profile would look like a U. Over the centuries man has used the river and in places has put artificial banks in place. This has meant that over time the river has spread further than it would normally and in places is shallower. All in all a brilliant day with a great deal learnt. Many thanks to Caroline and Jackie of The Boxmoor Trust for their expertise and to Mr Iqbal for his help.