Eco-Committee visit Frogmore Mill

Lockers ark has an Eco-Committee made up of boys, guided by Mr Iqbal. They recycle things, make sure lights are turned off and look after the school allotment. As a reward Mr Iqbal takes them on a trip – today to Frogmore Mill in Apsley. You might not have heard of Frogmore Mill but you should have done. It is one place in the world responsible for changing the way people lived because it was the first factory to produce paper. Up until it was established paper was made by hand and was very expensive. Frogmore Mill made cheap paper which led to a huge increase in books, newspapers, literacy and education – a real game changer. Our Eco-Committee learnt about the history of the mill and paper making before making some paper themselves. They also made a paper boats which they raced along the River Bulbourne. Many thanks to Mr Iqbal, Mrs Ashburner and Mr Woofe for taking the committee.