For some of our pupils, those moving up to Year 3, this was their last Nature & the Environment lesson. We thought we would follow on from the last one so that instead of just making a fire that we’d cook something on it. Instead of matches we used a fire steel to start the fire and once we had it going, while we were waiting for the flames to die down & we could cook on the embers, we did a fireside Circle Time. The main business though was cooking marshmallows, which we did on freshly cut hazel sticks. We had two versions of marshmallow – one of which was halal. Purely for Health and Safety reasons the cooked marshmallows had to be sandwiched between chocolate digestive biscuits. This is so the pupils don’t burn themselves on the marshmallows and has nothing to do with the taste – but they were VERY popular! Learning how to make a fire and safely use it, then put it out is a really important life skill and hopefully our Year 1 & 2 pupils now have a better understanding of fires.