Summer Concert

The Summer Concert is always a concert of two halves and it was certainly that this time. The first section takes place in The Centenary Hall and involves some of our elite musicians. With fans blowing (it was hot!) the audience were blown away by the quality of the performances. The stand out performance was William playing Revolutionary Etude by Chopin on the piano from memory – an unbelievably good performance by a 13 year old. After the choir sang A Million Dreams the concert moved outside and the fun began. Of course for those picnicking the fun started as soon as the picnic began. For those trying to produce the music it started when the amplifier cut out during Mr Simpsons speech. No one was quite sure what was going wrong – it transpires that the temperature was so high that the amplifier kept cutting out. As they say, the show must go on and it did. Each Year group in the school performed to rapturous applause until finally at about 9.30 Theo and William, 2 Old Boys who have been helping us out this week, closed the evening with an Elton John finale. Special mention must go to Mr Shaw, without whom this concert wouldn’t happen. Thank you.