Cross Curricular Day

Cross Curricular Day is one of those wonderful days when our pupils learn about something really off the beaten track. The theme this year was “Russia”, inspired by The World Cup. The range of activities was inspiring: The artist Malevitch, The Charge of the Light Brigade, How big is Russia? The Life and Death of Rasputin, Russian Code, the River Lena Biathlon – there were even more! The day is organised very differently with the school split into Seniors, Juniors and Pre-Prep and within each of these groups the Set comes together to work on activities. The highlight, for many is lunch in the Private Garden – this year no one sat on the lawn – everyone was seeking as much shade as possible. The luckiest pupils were those who managed to get into the pool for the biathlon. Many thanks to all the Staff who ran activities and especially to Mr Dawes who organised the day.