Maths in Nature

As it is Maths Week, as in many subjects, Nature and the Environment went mathematical this week. We started with some estimation. Were the pupils able to estimate distance? Mr Turnbull held up a metre rule to help them. Several were very accurate, but it was noticeable that the bigger the distance the less accurate they were. We then tried to measure the height of a tree. Several tried to climb said tree, but this proved to be impossible. Instead we used a pencil and a person standing at the base of the tree. Once the person holding the pencil had walked back far enough that the tree could be seen as the height of the pencil, the person standing at the base then walked until he/she was a pencil distance away from the tree. We then measured the distance from the person to the tree. We estimate that the large oak tree in the Pre Prep car park is 24m tall. We also tried to find out how old some logs were by counting rings. Finally we went looking for 2D shapes in nature, but didn’t find that many – most are 3D shapes!