Maths Week Assembly

Maths week started yesterday at Lockers Park with the Juniors having the first of the Set Maths competitions. Lessons were also geared to Maths week with several forms undertaking problem solving activities. Mrs Rogers was kept busy as boy after boy went up to her with the solution to the daily maths challenge and even the parents have been involved sending in their answers to the problem posed in Lockers Week. Today though, it was Assembly time with a group of boys posing a problem to the whole school. It involved camels – how could they be split fairly between three sons following their father’s wishes in his will. Did they really have to cut up one of the camels? The whole school was spellbound as the tale unfolded.

At the end of the assembly Mr Wilson, our Headmaster, presented Green Slip Certificates to those pupils who have earnt 5+ green slips this term. (These are awarded for good behaviour/actions rather like red & amber slips are awarded for poor behaviour/actions.)