Amey Zoo


We had a fascinating visit from Mark Amey, owner of Amey Zoo Mark started by talking about himself – at school he was called stupid by the teachers (he had dyslexia) but he managed to go to University and got a degree in zoology. He now owns a pet shop in Bovingdon but most of his work involves training animals for films – Deadly 60, James Bond and Harry Potter amongst others. He introduced his first animal, the humble garden snail and explained how important this gastropod (walks on it’s stomach) was. Without them we loose birds, hedgehogs and other animals. Hedgehog populations have fallen by 75% in the last 10 years. He urged the pupils to do everything they could to stop the use of slug pellets. Other animals followed – stick insects, spiders, geckos, scorpions, a snake. Mark asked what was the most dangerous creature – spiders haven’t killed anyone in 37 years. 10,000 people die each year because they fall over shoelaces. Sharks hardly kill anyone yet we kill 250,000 every day. (Don’t eat sharks fin soup!) Actually the most deadly animal is the humble mosquito! There was much food for thought. Thank you very much for an inspiring talk Mark.