Could you be a donor?

Yesterday something rather special happened. Rupert met Billy for the first time. It was a very emotional meeting and it was filmed by the BBC. If you’ve followed our News posts you will be aware that Rupert received a bone marrow donation which saved his life. When he was in Year 4 he spent weeks in Great Ormond Street. He met Tim Peake. He had an horrendous amount of drugs put into his body and he lost all his hair. He was also off school for quite a while. Rupert is now in Year 6 and is doing really well. He’s growing up to be a confident young man, capable of coping with pretty much anything. He possibly wouldn’t be here without Billy. Billy was 27 when he discovered he was a match. He then had a choice to make – to donate or not to donate. We are all incredibly pleased that he went ahead with the donation because it meant Rupert could live. If you are between 16-30 you can register with Anthony Nolan ( The odds are that you won’t be a match, but if you are you could save someone’s life. Billy and Rupert’s family are very keen to get as many people registered as possible as there are thousands of people waiting for donations, hoping that they have a chance of living. Lockers Park would like to say a huge thank you to Billy.