Dyslexia Assembly

This morning Lockers Park were privileged to have a guest speaker at our assembly. Ethan is currently a pupil at Lockers Park and is in Year 4. Last year he was diagnosed as having dyslexia, which at first he found quite difficult to deal with. With the support of his family and school he is doing very well. Last week he decided he wanted to explain to his classmates how he felt about his dyslexia. He so impressed them that we asked him if he would like to give his presentation to the school. He agreed and today held his audience spellbound. It takes a great deal of guts to talk about problems you have, even more so when you are speaking to a large audience and are on the stage by yourself. Ethan did brilliantly and answered the questions he was asked like a true professional. Even more important he raised the profile of dyslexia within the school. One touching moment, just before he did his presentation, was when a Year 8 pupil asked him what he was doing. When Ethan told him he replied that he too was dyslexic and gave Ethan a high five. I somehow feel we have another person with dyslexia who is going to go far!

As part of his presentation Ethan showed a short video. If you would like to watch it, here it is: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=11r7CFlK2sc