Practical Science

Last term our Year 4 forms were looking at Healthy Eating as their Science topic. Mrs Pizzey finished it off today with a practical lesson with the pupils choosing their own ingredients to make a smoothie. Before they started she explained how she had wiped down the area with anti-bacterial spray (we have a rule that there is no eating in the Lab). She also had all of the boys wash their hands before starting. There was a great discussion about which fruits to use and also whether to use milk, orange juice or water as the base of the smoothie. Then it was on to the Nutribullet or hand blender to chop the ingredients up. The final part was tasting the smoothie. Had they got the balance right? Was it smooth enough? Was it too sour? From the smiles on their faces and the thumbs up I suspect there will be quite a few smoothies made at home over the next few days. Thank you for a brilliant lesson Mrs Pizzey.