The Dark Tower

At Lockers Park our Sets (Houses) are named after three 1st World War Generals and three Admirals – fantastic when you want two teams – Army v Navy. Last night we played a traditional Lockers Park game – The Dark Tower. The school is in darkness and the pupils are sent off into the grounds to two camps. The aim is for each team to get some treasure from a central point, BUT if you are caught in the beam of a torch by a Night Rider or Witch back you go to your base, losing any treasure you might have obtained. The nice thing about this game is that it is played in total silence only using the light of the moon and stars. If it isn’t played in silence the game finishes early. It was a brilliant night with the Boarding House full – in excess of 60 pupils really making the most of our extensive grounds, having lots of fun. It was just a pity that the moon was so bright, as far as we are concerned the darker the better! Well done to the Navy who were the winners this year and many thanks to all those staff who helped with the evening and especially Mr C. Phillips who organised it.