Science Week

Science Week started today at Lockers Park with Mr Reveliotis visiting us and talking to the pupils about rocks and crystals. Mr Reveliotis is passionate about his subject and very knowledgeable. One pupil said as he left “That was the best lesson ever.” It is fascinating to think that all of the gems and crystals we have, started off as something else and by an accident of time, location and space, turned into what they are. The pupils were fascinated looking at samples with microscopes, clearly seeing the crystal structures in some of the samples. It was also amazing to see a spider in a piece of amber – how many million years ago was it alive? One of the favourites was a crystal that looked like a rainbow IF you used the right light. As well as this, there was also the Set Science Quiz. It was interesting to see the reaction of some groups when they saw the paper – “How can we do this, we don’t know the answers!” With a bit of teamwork and discussion they usually found that they did actually know the answers. Very many thanks to Mr Reveliotis for his input today.